It is all in the name! Raising agents promote the raising of bakery products by releasing carbon dioxide, increasing the volume of the dough and making cakes and sponges softer and well leavened.

The high temperatures reached during baking cause the raising agents to release air bubbles, mostly made up of carbon dioxide, which penetrate the dough's structure making it lighter and softer.

Kinder selection and quality control

We use sodium bicarbonate and ammonium carbonate in Kinder Bueno. These are simple, commonly used ingredients that we see every day in our kitchen cupboards.

Did you know?

If you have had sodium bicarbonate in the kitchen for a while and do not know whether it has gone off or not, try putting a spoonful in boiling water. If it fizzes straight away, the bicarbonate is still active; if it just deposits, then it has become simple sodium carbonate.