For us "packaging" means "protection"

The quality that we at Kinder hold so dear in each of our recipes would not be so high if we did not continuously protect our products, from preparation to packaging. That is why every single pack is a true seal which protects our Kinder Quality. Our packaging is so sophisticated and technologically advanced that it preserves the freshness, flavour and the original aroma of our products right up until the moment they are consumed.

Expressing the Kinder world

We are extremely demanding when it comes to the quality of our packaging. We are so convinced that every pack must express our world and our values that we have been directly working on them for over 50 years. We have developed state-of-the-art materials in collaboration with the best international businesses in the sector. We also have our own internal scientific research centre, which works closely with universities and recognized centres of R&D.

An ingredient in our overall quality

The choice of who supplies our packaging and the quality control checks we carry out on each pack are precise and rigorous. We work with hundreds of suppliers from this sector and we only choose them from the best in the world. All the materials that enter our factories' production cycles, which are themselves subject to the most thorough quality control procedures, undergo stringent checks. This is why we consider packaging to be an ingredient in our high quality products. It is chosen, analysed and checked with the same passion that we apply, first to our ingredients, and then to our recipes. It is a passion that is shared by all who choose Kinder, wherever they are.