Ingredient quality is a question of choice…

We choose every ingredient just as you would.

It is the careful selection of every single ingredient that is behind the quality you find in Kinder recipes: from flour to eggs, milk to cocoa and sugar to hazelnuts, everything is selected with the same level of care and attention that you would apply yourself. We only source our ingredients from areas that can guarantee excellence, and our suppliers are chosen from those that offer the same high standards of quality and food safety over time.

We only buy from suppliers that have won our trust.

Trust takes time, certainty and guarantees. It is for this reason that Kinder only buys its ingredients from suppliers with which it has a well-established relationship. These partnerships have been created over a number of years, thanks to the study and application of monitoring procedures based on the highest parameters in quality and food safety, which are often more comprehensive and rigorous than required by law.

These parameters are designed to assess ingredient characteristics. Milk and eggs are tested for freshness. In cocoa we look for origin and blend and we only use whole fresh hazelnuts, just to mention some of the ingredients that play key roles in our products. Monitoring procedures are carried out at every stage of an ingredient's "life": from production to packaging, right up to transport and its delivery to our facilities.

Kinder strengthens the trust it places in its suppliers by paying them periodic visits during which everything comes under the microscope. The composition and quality of the raw materials, production systems, plant maintenance and extremely rigid environmental checks are all carried out. These visits also have another objective, to assure continued collaboration. We work together with our suppliers to improve ingredient quality and, as a consequence, the excellence of our recipes.

We only add our experience and expertise.

Once we have obtained ingredients that adhere to our strict quality and food safety standards, Kinder makes sure their natural value is preserved by only adding our expertise, nothing else. All this happens because we are committed to satisfying your desire for good wholesome food without sacrificing food safety.