The secret of small sizes

The concept of a balanced diet is the daily management of the variety and quantity of food eaten, which is why the amount of any given food plays a fundamental role. The size of the product and its role in a balanced diet has been in our thoughts since Kinder was founded. We invented Kinder Chocolate - the first small-sized individually wrapped chocolate bar, made to aid conscious consumption - in 1968 in Italy, and ever since then any Kinder product has been created to help families in controlling calorie intake. So, all mums and dads can be reassured knowing that their children are getting good flavour in small-sized products.

Ferrero has always taken its responsibilities concerning the consumption of its products very seriously. The main proof of this commitment is the size of its portions, which have always been designed and marketed to be suited to different nutritional requirements. In Australia Ferrero is a supporter of Be treatwise®. Be treatwise® is a confectionery industry initiative to provide consumers with information to help explain the place that confectionery has, as a treat food, and as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle. For information please visit: