• 1968
  • The Kinder Story
  • Chocolate for kids
  • Spreading the joy
  • Inspired in Italian Traditions
  • Kinder growing up
  • 06
    Celebrating togetherness
  • Kinder turns 50
  • today

Treat for the family

Designed for

Kinder produced a range of quality chocolates aimed at bringing people together, such as the deliciously fun bite-size Kinder Schoko-Bons (1992).

Individually wrapped, they were designed to be shared by everyone in the family, creating moments of togetherness across all ages.

Worldwide Joy

We wanted to share Kinder Surprise with children around the world, so we designed Kinder Joy (2001) to keep the joy and excitement of Kinder alive in all temperatures. The novel design combines the tastiness of milky and cocoa cream in a sealed package, with the toy in a separate compartment.