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Milk. The taste of Kinder.

Milk is one of the ingredients that gives Kinder products the taste you love, that’s why we take so much care in getting it just right.

Dried fresh from the farm.

In most of our products, we use dehydrated milk, which is just liquid milk that has had all the water removed from it.

Right after each milking, the milk is brought to a temperature of 4°C. It is then shipped by tank to the dairy and undergoes various microbiological and physicochemical analysis.

Next step of the process is a liquid treatment, where the cream is separated from the milk in order to produce skimmed milk. It then passes through a pasteurization stage, where it is heated to 72°C for 15 seconds to get rid of all bacteria, making the milk safe and then it is immediately cooled.

The last step is the “dry” treatment phase, where hot air completely evaporates all the water content. This whole process is done within 48 hours after the milk arrives at the dairies, to guarantee its freshness and taste. The milk is now ready to be used in our products.
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Our quality guarantee.

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Our milk and suppliers are subject to stringent quality tests. On top, in order to ensure that the flavour remains consistent, we have a dedicated team of tasters who use the latest procedures to assess the colour, fragrance and freshness.
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Working with those we trust.

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We buy only from local and carefully selected suppliers that we trust and with whom we have built long-term relationships over many years.

Thanks to these bonds, we are able to collaborate together to guarantee continuous standards of freshness and quality.

As we only buy from those we trust, we have 100% traceability of the milk we use in our products at every step of its journey; from farm to product. With two of our most important suppliers, Inalpi (Italy) & Mittelelbe (Germany) we founded the “Milk Supply Chain partnership project” aiming to develop & strengthen the standards established by Ferrero supply chain protocol.

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