Grains are one of mankind's oldest foods and one of our principal sources of sustenance. All grass plants whose seeds can be made into flour are considered grains. They are so fundamental to our diet that around 60% of all farmland is dedicated to their cultivation. The primary grain that is used in KINDER JOY™ is wheat.

The Ingredient

Wheat makes white flour which is used to make bread, pizza, cakes and cookies. Wheat consists of three parts: the external part, the middle part and the germ. The external part, called bran, is rich in fiber and protein. The center is the most nutritionally substantial thanks to its high carbohydrate content. Finally, the germ (or wheat germ), is made up of protein, carbohydrates and lipids.

All our ingredients

    • Milk

    • Cocoa

    • Hazelnuts

    • Grains

    • Fats and oils

    • Sugar

    • Powdered Barley
      Malt Extract

    • Leavening

    • Emulsifiers

    • Flavorings

    • Salt