Our products are little treats.

Since 1968, when we created Kinder Chocolate, we have always focused our attention on creating small portion products. We care to provide suitable serving sizes of our products to allow you to better manage your daily energy needs within your overall diet and a healthy lifestyle. Treating moments are there to be enjoyed, so you and your family can savour our unique and delicious products responsibly and thoughtfully.

We believe all food types can be part of a varied and balanced diet, without excluding or condemning specific ingredients or nutrients, helping consumers in making proper food choices, and adopting a varied and balanced diet that provides essential nutrients and the right amount of energy from every food type.

Our responsible communication

We care about communicating responsibly in our marketing communications and product labelling to assist you and your family in making appropriate choices about the food products you buy and consume. We do not direct our advertising and marketing communications primarily to children because they cannot yet make the right choices for themselves.


Tasty quality

Importance of play

Responsible sourcing

Sustainable packaging