The World Of Applaydu

Applaydu is a FREE edutainment app for the whole family! Together you can create stories and craft a unique creative world. Bring the toys to life and experience the joys of gaming whilst along the way.

The app includes:

🦄 Edutainment mini-games

🚀 Augmented reality experiences

🎨 Visual arts & crafts

📚 Storybook builder

🌜 Bedtime stories to read

And much more...

Benefits of Digital Play

Today’s children are digital natives. There are many benefits to digital play: it can help promote creativity, imagination skills and language development. Check out the video to learn more from Dr. Elizabeth Kilbey.


Bringing together physical and digital play is an advantage in your children’s development. Applaydu is a new mobile app that brings the toys to life in an exciting world of discovery through augmented reality. Find out what Dr. Elizabeth Kilbey thinks.

How do you unlock the virtual toys?

There are different ways that you and your child can unlock virtual toys within the app, if you have a leaflet follow these instructions:

If you don't have a leaflet, you can still unlock an augmented reality version of the toy.

Your child will complete multiple scenarios within the app where they can unlock an augmented reality version of the toy, for example:

- The first time the app is opened 

- When certain experiences are completed

- Plus, in the camera section, you can print off a code and scan it to get an augmented reality version of the toy

Edutainment Supports your child's growth with fundamental skills

Oxford University's Department of Education provided Kinder with a set of guidelines to help Kinder's development of the App, aimed at helping children's progression by creating and developing a game that utilises and develops cognitive skills including mathematics, motor skills, reading & writing and memory.



You and your child can discover their unique adventures in personalised books.

From Savannah Safari to Ocean Adventure and Mystery Jungle, there are unique story themes for you and your child to get immersed in.


Use Applaydu's AR function to scan the toys, bring them to life and interact with them through play and fun activities.

Together with your kids you can take photos using the virtual toy selfie mask!

Child Friendly Environment

Our app has an intuitive interface, which helps lead children through their creative journey. We believe in stress-free environments and therefore no competitive formats are presented at any point.

The app has absolutely no ads or in-app purchases. And best of all, they can play offline without an internet connection.

Family Moments

The experiences inside the app are designed to be completed together as a family or independently by your child.

Each game or topic covered can be a theme of discussion and knowledge intake.


These assessors have scrutinised both the level of edutainment value of the content as well as the privacy and data safety of the app.