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  • Kinder Surprise

    Kinder Surprise is a chocolate egg containing the great taste of the chocolate Kinder, the emotion of a surprise and the entertainment of play.

    Magical moments

    The Chocolate egg Kinder Surprise is both a reward and a gesture of affection. It’s a moment of magic that is shared between children and their parents, siblings and friends.

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    Small Surprises

    Kinder toys are magic for kids, but also speak to the child in adults. After all, the magic lies in the excitement of the surprise. Created in 1974, Kinder Surprise gives kids the emotion of the Italian tradition of Easter any day. In time, it was loved around the world.
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    the Joy of toys

    Each Kinder toy was originally moulded and hand-painted, with 100 different toys made each year. Kinder has always created surprises of the highest quality, never wanting to disappoint.

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