The World Of Applaydu

Applaydu is a fun-filled free edutainment app for the whole family! Take their imagination to new heights, nurture their creativity, and write your unique story. Bring the Kinder Joy surprises alive with a simple scan and experience a whole new world.

Applaydu comes with:

? Edutainment mini-games
? Augmented reality experiences
? Visual arts & crafts
? Storybook builder
? Bedtime stories to read

And much more...

Bring The Toys Alive!

Unlock the surprises on your app with a simple scan.
Follow these easy steps to bring your child’s Kinder Joy toy alive.

Don’t have a leaflet? You can unlock a character too!

Your child will discover several moments when a character is gifted to them while using the app:

- When the app is opened for the first time

- When certain experiences are completed

Family Moments

Sardar Family

Applaydu is best experienced, both, together as a family as well as by your child independently.

Each game or topic covered can be a theme of discussion and knowledge intake.

Sardar Family

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Discover your child’s unique adventure in personalized books.

From Savannah Safari to Ocean Adventure, immerse your child in unique themes just before bedtime and weave infinite stories together.


Bring The Toys To Life

Bring the toys to life

With Applaydu's fun AR features, scan your toys and bring them to life.

Play and go on an adventure with virtual toys or take fun selfies with the toy mask!

Bring the toys to life

Child Friendly Environment

Child Friendly

Applaydu is designed with an intuitive interface which helps lead your child through their creative journey. Stress-free environments and no competitive formats at any point that keep your child’s adventure going freely. 

No ads, no in-app purchases. No internet connection required. Just pure intuitive fun.

Child Friendly

In Collaboration With

Applaydu has been developed in co-operation with third parties.

These assessors have scrutinised both the level of edutainment value of the content as well as the privacy and data safety of the app.

Contact us on contact@applaydu.com if you experience any technical issues with the application.