Making chocolate is just one part of our story. At every moment of our history we place family, quality and innovation at the heart of what we do.

The Kinder story starts in 1968, at the heart of the small town of Alba, Italy. Here, a sincere idea would blossom into the Kinder we know today.

With a bright past shining the way to an even brighter future, Kinder grew and expanded globally. Every passing year brought Kinder innovation across the world, with each idea as magical as the next.

Knowing that children love chocolate, playing games and discovering new things, Kinder took inspiration from the Easter tradition of egg hunts to make a groundbreaking creation: Kinder Surprise.

As children grew older, their tastes and interests changed. Kinder kept this in mind and catered to the new cool crowd by creating chocolate for a more social and active Millennial audience.

Inspired by our role of bringing small but special moments to everyday life, we continued creating innovative chocolate made for sharing, family and togetherness.

Now, Kinder is facing an important milestone in its story: in 2018 the brand celebrates 50 years of uncountable joyful moments with its consumers. Join the worldwide celebration!

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