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Applaydu is a FREE* app for the whole family! Together, you can create stories and craft a unique creative world. Bring toys to life and experience the joys of gaming along the way.

The app includes:

🦄 Mini-games

🚀 Augmented reality experiences

🎨 Visual arts & crafts

📚 Storybook builder

🌜 Bedtime stories to read

And much more...

*Standard rates apply. Check with your carrier.

Applaydu Logo


Dive into a new magical universe.
Everything in this app is designed to help nourish your child’s imagination and take them on a creative journey full of surprises. 




How Does The Toy
Unlocking Work?

There are different ways that you and your child can unlock surprises in the app, so follow these steps in the accompanying leaflet.

If you don’t have a leaflet, you can also unlock a digital character!

Your child can experience a character’s unique gifts in multiple ways,
for example:

- First time opening the app

- When certain experiences are completed

- By scanning a code with your phone camera



Father & Daughter on ipad

Your child can discover their unique adventure in personal books.

From Savannah Safari to Ocean Adventure and Mystery Jungle, explore unique stories with your child.

Enjoy reading the stories together.

Father & Daughter on ipad


Mother & Daughter in Animal Masks

Use the Applaydu’s Augmented Reality function to scan the toys, bring them to life and interact with them through play and fun activities.

Together with your kids, become one of your favourite characters!

Mother & Daughter in Animal Masks

Child Friendly

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Our app has an intuitive interface, which helps lead kids through their creative journey. We believe in stress-free environments and therefore no competitive formats are presented at any point.

The app has absolutely no ads or in-app purchases. And best of all, you can play offline without an internet connection.

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Applaydu - Screenshot

The experiences inside the app are designed to be explored as a family. Each game or topic can lead to exciting discoveries and educational discussions.

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Applaydu Mobile App is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program. To learn more, go to www.kidsafeseal.com.

Applaydu is certified by EducationalAppStore.com.

Privacy Policy, Terms of Use & End-User License Agreement: http://applaydu.kinder.com/legal.

If you wish to contact us, please do so at contact@applaydu.com.

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, please write to privacy@ferrero.com.