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🌎 New world to explore:
Dive into the Edulands and its various universes!

🐾 More immersive Natoons animal adventure:
Explore the world freely & discover nature!

🦄 New character petting:
Take care of your favourite heroes together!

🤳 Improved Augmented Reality:
Stay active as a family with the physical game Joy of Moving!

🎮 New games & activities:
With 2 developed with Oxford University!

👪 New parental area:
Improved navigation for a better experience!

Applaydu Logo


Watch as your kids' imaginations grow while they craft unique homes, avatars and personalised bedtime stories filled with magic




How Does The Toy
Unlocking Work?

There are different ways that you and your child can unlock surprises in the app, so follow these steps:

If you don't have any of those, you can still unlock a virtual toy!

Your child will face multiple scenarios inside the app where a virtual toy is gifted, for example:

- First time the app is accessed

- When certain experiences are completed

- Plus, in the camera section a code can be printed and scanned




Bedtime stories to share as a family through storybooks that add magic, surprise, and joy.

Explore a diversity of themes together with your child as they safari in the savannah and relive superhero adventures.


Experience Augmented Reality

Bring Toys to Life

Use the 3D scan to teleport your child's heroes from physical to digital through the magic portal of Applaydu!

With the updated content, your children can interact with their favourite virtual toys even more. Let them say something and their animated virtual toys will repeat it with different voices surrounded by their natural environment in AR. 

Bring Toys to Life

Child Friendly

Child Friendly

Our app has an intuitive interface, which helps lead kids through their creative journey. We believe in stress-free environments and therefore no competitive formats are presented at any point.

Applaydu is 100% kid-safe, playable offline, ad-free and has no in-app purchases!

Child Friendly

Share family moments

Family Moments

Experience Applaydu together with your child to enhance the magic, surprise and joy. 

Use this creative experience for kids as a trampoline for further discussions and play together in multiplayer mode to share special moments. 

Family Moments

Applaydu has been developed in cooperation with certain third parties. These assessors have scrutinized both the level of value of the content as well as the privacy and data safety of the app.

Contact us on contact@applaydu.com if you experience any technical issues with the application.