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KINDER and Treat Accessibly aim to make Halloween accessible for everyBODY.

Did you know that over 400,000 children in Canada identify as having one or more disabilities, which may prevent them from trick-or-treating with their siblings and other kids. But you can do something about it.
Treat Accessibly is a grassroots movement that encourages homeowners and their communities to celebrate Halloween in a way that is inclusive of everybody. And it’s easy to do. Set up a curbside trick-or-treat station and hand out candy from the driveway, garage, or even the trunk of the car.  Treat Accessibly also recommends well-lit driveways and paths that are cleared of cars and other large objects that could be obstacles. 
KINDER is all about celebrating special family moments, where joy and happiness are part of a child’s growth.  We believe every child deserves the same opportunities, which is why we're committed to working with Treat Accessibly to ensure Trick or Treating is accessible to all children this year and every Halloween to come.
Join the Treat Accessibly movement. For more information and to get a free lawn sign identifying your home as accessible this Halloween, please visit www.treataccessibly.com

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