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    Spreading the joy of KINDER®
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    KINDER® growing up
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  • Chocolate for all ages

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    Same taste,
    bigger size

    While KINDER CHOCOLATE served younger children's tastes, KINDER MAXI (1981) was made for older kids.
    Kinder Maxi

    & Cereal

    Looking to bring our chocolate to teenagers around the world, we introduced KINDER COUNTRY (1975). It’s packed with delicious cereals and keeps the needs and interests of teens in mind.
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    Fresh innovation

    KINDER® recognised that children love ice cream. We created KINDER MILK SLICE (1978) as a fresh and chilled alternative that everybody can enjoy.
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    Crispy Goodness

    KINDER® BUENO® (1990) is a more sophisticated chocolate for young adults. It‘s known for its special combination of crispy wafer and milky hazelnut filling that was designed for sharing.

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