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Kinder Joy - Space - Alyssa

Kinder Joy is proud to partner with aspiring astronaut Alyssa Carson to help inspire kids and parents to explore the galaxy and the new Kinder Joy space toy collection!

Alyssa is an American student training as an astronaut. With hopes of being selected for future human spaceflights to Mars, Alyssa’s passion for space kicked off at age 3. That passion led her to attend U.S. Space Camp and two international space camps. In 2013, she was recognized by NASA as the first person to attend all 14 NASA Visitor Centers in the U.S. At age 12, she sat on the NASA Mer 10 panel, discussing future missions to Mars.

Today, Alyssa attends the Florida Institute of Technology, where she studies Astrobiology. In 2022 she was selected as one of only five Influencers/Ambassadors in the world to work with NATO, and she’s the youngest member of The Explorers Club.

Through her training, Alyssa has even earned her rocket license, advanced scuba certification, Private Pilot Certificate by FAA, skydiving class A license, and her Aquanaut certification, making her just one of 800 Aquanauts in the world.  

Kinder Joy - Space - Alyssa

Explore the Galaxy with Alyssa Carson

Explore the Galaxy with Alyssa Carson

Alyssa Carson takes us on an out of this world journey in our newest content series all about space, premiering September 22nd!

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Explore the Galaxy with Alyssa Carson

Discover the solar system with your kids and create exciting stories!