Play Catch the Cap

Even at home, it’s easy to have fun.

A plastic bottle cut in half with the cap tied to the neck with a 20/30 cm cord: just a couple of objects are enough to play.

Let’s take the opportunity to use the time at home with our children, creating and building together a small special moment!

Play Kernels

This game requires very few objects, little space and a lot of dedication!

Explain to your child how to throw the kernel, or a cork, and grab another one before it touches the ground, you can gradually make the game more tricky.

It's a nice way to develop hand-eye coordination while spending time together!

Play Photocopy

A simple game to create a cheerful and fun family moment as well as being a great exercise for body and memory.

Our children look at us every day, imitate us and learn from our actions: let's be a good example!