Kinder Natoons Q&A

Partnership with the AWS

Which local NGO is Kinder supporting through the NATOONS range?
The Kinder Surprise NATOONS range supports the Australian Wildlife Society. The Australian Wildlife Society's mission is to conserve Australia's flora and fauna through education and involvement of the community. The organisation supports a range of wildlife programs helping protect Australia’s native wildlife. To find out and learn more about the programs, which include the Bilby Conservation Program and the Platypus Conservation Program, take a look at the Kinder Website.

Who is the Australian Wildlife Society?
The Australian Wildlife Society is a local non-profit wildlife conservation organisation. The Society was founded in May 1909 and is one of Australia’s oldest wildlife conservation organisations. The Society’s mission is to focus on the conservation of all Australian wildlife, both fauna and flora. For more information, visit

How is Kinder supporting the Australian Wildlife Society?
Kinder NATOONS is sponsoring the Australian Wildlife Society, enabling it to support a number of wildlife conservation programs in each state of Australia, and one in New Zealand, and supporting them in their mission to raise awareness of Australia’s and New Zealand’s endangered wildlife species.

Are there any other partners involved in the Kinder NATOONS range release?
Yes, in New Zealand, Ferrero (the maker of Kinder) is funding conservation programs through Massey University (Palmerston North and Albany), New Zealand Department of Conservation, and the Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research.

For detailed information on Ferrero’s commitments to People and Planet, visit