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Milk is one of the ingredients that gives Kinder products the taste you love, that’s why we take so much care in getting it just right.

Our quality guarantee

Milk is a key ingredient for Kinder, in all of our products. That's why we only select milk from carefully selected suppliers, consistently guaranteeing quality and safety. When selecting suppliers, our requirements are very strict and only around 30 dairies in the world have become Kinder long-lasting partners.

The controls we have in place for the milk we use in Kinder products includes strict guidelines that go above, and even beyond, legal food standards requirements.

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From farm to recipe

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We use different types of milk across our products and for most of them we use powdered milk, obtained by removing most of the water.

Right after each milking, the milk is brought to a temperature of 4°C and shipped by tank to the dairy where it is tested. Here, the cream is separated from the milk to obtain semi skimmed and skimmed milk. The milk is analysed and standardised in fat and protein content. It is then pasteurised at 75°C for just few seconds and cooled once again, to make sure it is safe and free from harmful bacteria, while maintaining  its characteristics.

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To transform the liquid milk into powdered milk we carry out one additional step, a “spray drying” phase, where a careful hot air treatment allows for most of the water content to evaporate. The process is carried out with technologies that best maintain the original properties of the liquid milk.

This whole process is done within 72 hours after the milk arrives at the dairies, to maintain its taste and sensory characteristics. The milk is now ready to be used in our recipes.

There are also other dairy products, milk derivates, like anhydrous milk fat, whey, and milk protein, that are also used for their specific qualities that make Kinder’s product taste unique.

Other dairy products

Working with suppliers we trust.

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We can trace all our milk back to the dairies globally.

We have developed long-term relationships with carefully selected milk producers who respect our strict quality standards.

We collaborate with them to drive continuous improvement and encourage them to adopt best practices in milk production. This enables us to ensure and even improve the quality of our milk. 

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