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Palm oil. 100% sustainable.

Palm oil is an ingredient that gives Kinder products the smooth and creamy texture you love.

Why we use palm oil

Palm oil is an ingredient that contributes to the harmony of flavours, uniqueness of taste & creaminess that characterize Kinder Products. Thanks to its neutral flavour & smell it enhances the tastes of other ingredients used in our recipes. Also, compared to other vegetable oils it has a high stability over time, which ensures the product taste lasts longer.

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Our processing expertise for a safe oil.

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Palm oil comes from the pulp of palm tree fruits, which tend to grow in large clusters and sometimes a single bunch can weigh up to 40kg. The fruit itself might be small, around the size of a grape, but their pulp is highly rich in oil.

Once the palm fruits are harvested, they are sent to the mills of our suppliers who start the palm oil extraction process as quickly as possible: they heat the fruits with steam and then press them to extract the oil. The extracted oil is then processed and purified under controlled temperatures.

The last part of the process is completed in house. When the oil arrives in our factories, we carry out strict quality checks and then process it to ensure it has a neutral taste and smell. This way we know that our palm oil is safe and ready to be used in our recipes.

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Respecting the rainforests & local communities.

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In our products we use sustainable palm oil that comes mainly from Malaysia and Indonesia and is 100% RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified as segregated. This means that our palm oil is kept separated from conventional palm oil along the whole supply chain to guarantee its quality & sustainability.

We are active members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) aiming to define international standards for the certification of palm oil production and transformation based on reliable criteria of environmental and social sustainability: prevent rainforest destruction, protect the biodiversity and preserve the rights of the communities that live and work in those regions.

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Moreover, according to WWF’s Palm Oil Buyers’ Scorecard 2016, Ferrero has been identified as a top scorer among the 137 global companies assessed according to their sustainability actions in the palm oil sector. Ferrero was also labelled as ‘leading the way’ to the ultimate palm oil sustainability goal for the industry.

For more detailed information please read our CSR Reports.

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