Puzzle party

Develop your child’s language and numeracy skills with our colourful digital download packs. These exciting activities include a range of downloadable and printable challenges for you and your children - a great way to keep busy and have fun!

Discover Masters of Play Workshops with your kids

totally roarsome Q&A with Dr dean lomax

Tune in to a Q&A with award-winning palaeontologist, presenter and author, Dr Dean Lomax and become the ultimate dinosaur expert. Dean will be answering some of your children's most asked dino related questions. 

*Music: www.bensound.com

Enjoy dino-tracking activity with Dr Dean Lomax

Dr Dean Lomax has developed a fun and quick activity for you to do with your kids to help them become a dinosaur tracker.

Have fun with your kids with Kinder Surprise Natoons and learn more about animals.

Learn more about animals with DadLab

DadLab, the famous author of science projects for parents and kids has developed a cool activity with Kinder Surprise Natoons to help your kids learn about animals.

A great way to combine learning while having fun, download the activity sheets for your kids now.

Conversation with Dr Elizabeth Kilbey

Everyone needs some tips from time to time on how best to have fun whilst ultimately supporting your child’s development too. That’s why we have been working with Dr Elizabeth Kilbey, leading children’s clinical psychologist and expert from Channel 4's The Secret Life of 4, 5 and 6 Year Olds, to understand what her top tips are on children’s play and development.

Benefits of Digital Play

Today’s children are digital natives. There are many benefits to digital play: it can help promote creativity, imagination skills and language development. Check out the video to learn more from Dr. Elizabeth Kilbey.