We want to offer you and your family little treats that are delicious without added colours & preservatives.

Behind our delicious treats there’s a lot of care and attention in every little detail

We carefully select our suppliers and build long terms relationships with them. Together we work to continuously improve the quality of the ingredients we use. For us, carefully selecting the raw materials is as important as their processing.

At every stage of manufacturing, our team of experts performs tests on the ingredients to guarantee we get the best quality and taste for you. As well as this, every day our employees perform more than 5,000 controls on the finished products.

A unique taste experience at every bite

One of the secrets to maintaining the freshness, flavour & aroma of our products, is the packaging. All Kinder packaging maintains the Kinder quality and protects the products from external factors. This way Kinder products are at their best right up to the moment you and your family are ready to enjoy them.