At Kinder, the packaging we use plays a key role in maintaining the freshness, flavour and aroma of our products. Kinder products are delicate, and the packaging protects them from damage on the move, in shops or at home.

Kinder packaging is made in lots of different ways and it needs to be recycled in different ways too.

We are excited to partner with TerraCycle® as part of a trail initiative to offer a free national recycling programme to make all our packaging recycle across the UK.

This new partnership is an immediate option available to help us address gaps in the UK’s recycling infrastructure, which currently cannot recycle all types of packaging. We are excited to see how the partnership develops throughout the trial and hope you can join us on this journey.

So, the little choice you make to return our packaging to us, can help make a lot of difference to the environment.

What can I recycle

Find a public drop off location

Terracycle map

All around the country there are homes, shops & community clubs who have set up public Kinder Drop-off Locations. Use the map below to find out if there’s a Kinder drop-off location near you?

Terracycle map

Create a public drop-off location

Terracycle Kinder

If there’s not one nearby, how about setting one up & and helping your local community in a little way? 

Terracycle Kinder