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We know that play is vital to children’s growth and development, as it is the lens through which they observe and experiment with the world. It helps them nurture creative and problem-solving skills, imagination, the ability to relate to others, movement and coordination, and discovery. That is why we’ve been encouraging play for over four decades with our buildable toys.

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Bring toys to life

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We developed Applaydu, a free mobile app which brings our toys to life through augmented reality in a fun world of discovery and imagination. The app was created for the whole family to enjoy and encourage bonding time for parents and children to discover together while playing with the toy surprises.

Oxford University's Department of Education provided Kinder with a set of guidelines to help with the development of the App. It aims to help children's progression through games that utilise and develops cognitive skills including mathematics, motor skills, reading & writing and memory.

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Our care for safety

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At Kinder nothing is more important than the safety of our consumers. That is why Kinder sets internal standards for its toys that go far beyond global regulatory standards including more stringent physical and chemical limits, as well as additional customised safety tests developed and performed only by Kinder to ensure safety.

 Did you know? Even though only 48 tests are required by law for a new toy, each Kinder toy undergoes up to 75 different tests performed by independent, globally recognized and internationally accredited third party laboratories before it can be approved for production.

Kinder toys are not suitable for use by children under the age of three, we clearly communicate this information on all the Kinder eggs packaging and always recommend adult supervision during play involving our toys.

Our care for quality

To ensure that every consumer has the highest quality play experience with every one of our toys, our quality teams constantly monitor every critical process during manufacturing. Hundreds of samples are taken and tested each day throughout the manufacturing process at every factory. 

 Did you know? We sample and test over 22,000 production lots every year globally to control the quality of our production.

Listening to kids

Our goal is for every one of our consumers to be enriched, entertained, and delighted by their Kinder play experience. To ensure this, each year we connect with over 4,000 kids and their parents around the world to understand which toys most engage them. We also constantly monitor consumer feedback.

 Did you know? Over 10,000 individual Consumer responses are evaluated globally every year. Our Quality team analyses all this data on an ongoing basis and use it to continuously improve our ideation, execution, and communication.  


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