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  • Kinder beginnings

    Michele Ferrero was the son of a chocolatier. His vision was to create chocolate for children (and for those who are children at heart), no matter what age they are. Therefore, a delicious treat was invented with family values at its heart: Kinder Chocolate.

    It was the first of a broad range of Kinder products that would have a role in both parents’ and children’s lives.
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    Portion Control

    Fitting perfectly in a child’s hand, Kinder Chocolate’s individually wrapped bars enable parents to give their children controlled portions. Small pieces for peace of mind.

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    After all these years, a little smiling child continues to be the icon on Kinder Chocolate packs everywhere across the world!

    Pack evolution

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    Kinder Quality

    Since the very beginning, our chocolate has been made with tasty and high quality ingredients to give children deliciously enjoyable experiences. Its memorable taste has sparked billions of joyful moments.
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