At Kinder, we recognise the importance of enjoying family time together. That’s why we’ve created the first ever Kinder Collective; a team of panellists made up of children’s clinical psychologist Shona Goodall, and parents Becky Dickerson from ‘Mummy Adventure’, Nigel from ‘NotSoFunnyDad’ and Rikki Payne from 'RikkiPayne89’.

The Kinder Collective has been created to share tips and ideas to help you spark those little moments with your children that mean a lot.

You’ll see that with just a little help from Kinder Surprise, a world of fun and imaginative play awaits.

Leading the Kinder Collective

Leading our Kinder Collective panel is children’s clinical psychologist and child development expert, Shona Goodall. Shona is a lecturer at the University of Sheffield, a clinical psychologist at Sheffield Children’s Hospital NHS Trust and a resident psychologist on Channel 4’s The Secret Life of Four and Five Year Olds.

Shona knows a thing or two about imagination and has worked with our panel to curate The Ultimate Guide to Sparking Imagination which includes six simple tips to help you spark your children’s imaginations.

Meet one of our panel

Becky AKA ‘Mummy Adventure’ is a mum of four who enjoys a colourful life on the Kent coast. When she’s not capturing the everyday magic of family life on film, she likes to play netball and is training for her first marathon.

Head to our ‘Meet the Kinder Collective’ page to find out more about Becky and our panellists.

Meet the Kinder Collective
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