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Palm oil. 100% RSPO certified sustainable.

Palm oil is an ingredient that gives Kinder products the smooth and creamy texture you love. The palm oil we use for our products is 100% RSPO certified as sustainable.

Why we use palm oil

Palm oil is an ingredient that contributes to the harmony of flavours, uniqueness of taste and creaminess that characterize Kinder Products. We skilfully prepare it so that it is neutral in flavour and scent as to enhance the tastes of the other ingredients used in our recipes and compared to other vegetable oils it has a high stability over time, which ensures the product taste lasts longer.

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Our processing expertise

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The palm oil we use comes only from the pulp of palm tree fruits, which are small, around the size of a grape, but very rich in oil, and that tend to grow in large clusters so that sometimes a single bunch can weigh up to 40kg. 

Once the palm fruits are harvested, they are sent to the mills of our suppliers who start the palm oil extraction process as quickly as possible: they heat the fruits with steam and then press them to extract the oil. The extracted oil is then processed and purified under controlled temperatures.

The last part of the process is completed in our factories, where as soon as the oil arrives, we carry out strict quality checks and then we carefully process it to ensure it maintains its high quality and neutral taste, smell and colour, ready to be used in our recipes.

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100% RSPO certified sustainable and traceable palm oil

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Our palm oil is 100% RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified sustainable and segregated. We are active members of RSPO aiming to define international standards for the certification of palm oil production and transformation, based on reliable criteria of environmental and social sustainability: prevent rainforest destruction, protect the biodiversity, and preserve the rights of the communities that live and work in those regions.

The palm oil used in our products comes from a certified fully traceable supply-chain. This means that it is sourced from different certified plantations and is kept separated from ordinary palm oil throughout the entire supply-chain. Through this system, 100% of our palm oil can be traced back to the mills, to verify that it does not come from plantations subject to deforestation. 

"To strengthen our commitments beyond RSPO certification, in 2021 Ferrero released its new Palm Oil Charter, outlining further actions and tackling three strategic areas identified as critical in an intricate industry where environmental and social issues are oftentimes deeply rooted, complex, and interconnected:. Human Rights & Social Practices, Environmental Protection & Sustainability and Supplier transparency. Following the Palm Oil Charter launch, we developed our Palm Oil Action Plan and released our first Progress Report.

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Moreover, to further increase transparency on our supply-chain we regularly voluntarily disclose the latest traceability data on our supply mills.

Our efforts are recognised by trusted NGO such as WWF. In 2021 WWF edition of its Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard Ferrero is in 3rd position, leading the way for 227 global companies – and 1st among all manufacturers. The assessment evaluates global companies across various industries with stringent criteria that measure concrete actions and progress in their journey to make the global palm oil industry more sustainable. We were especially recognised for our efforts in addressing the issue of deforestation in tropical areas and for the transparency of our supply-chain. A great encouragement to continue our journey.

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