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Fats and oils

At Kinder, we mainly use vegetable oils and fats in our recipes, while the only animal fat we use is cow-milk butter. None of our recipes use fats derived from industrial hydrogenation.


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Fats (or lipids), carbohydrates and protein are the three macronutrients that are essential to our bodies and are present in our diets in large quantities to supply us with energy. 
We generally consume either animal fats, coming from animal products such as meat, fish, eggs as well as milk and its derivatives, or vegetable fats, coming from fruits, oil-containing seeds, legumes, and cereals.

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Kinder selection and quality control

One of the secrets to the taste and texture that make our products delicious and different from one another, is in the constant study that goes into finding the right balance among fats that are naturally present in our ingredients, like milk, cocoa and hazelnuts, and the ones we expertly add. 

Our experts carefully study this equilibrium when creating our recipes and investigate the best way to combine the various properties of different fats to make our fillings extra creamy for some products, or to create crisp and crunchy products or to create products that are especially spongy and soft.

These careful combinations are also effective in blending our ingredients and their flavours together and so create the taste we are looking for. The delicate touch of a fat can cushion stronger flavours, making the whole experience more refined for our palate. The goal behind all this patient work is simple: achieving that perfect harmony between texture and taste, that is so dear to those who love our recipes. Obviously, behind all of this study is the careful selection of our raw materials.

Shea butter

The Butryospermum Parkii, or shea tree, grows wild in the Sahel region of West Africa. Here the local population harvests its fruits, boils its seeds and dries them in the sun, to then grind them and transform them in shea oil and butter, the precious raw material, which is used in the food industry and, in smaller quantities, in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

The Shea tree grows slowly it only starts producing fruits after 15 years and sometimes lives more than 300 years. It does not require irrigation or agronomic techniques and it is not only a precious source of income for local communities, but it also contributes to slowing down the desertification of the sub-Saharan area.

In Kinder we use shea in Kinder Delice, Kinder Happy Hippo, Kinder hollow figures, Kinder Joy and in Kinder Surprise to give the products the right texture and consistency.

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is extracted from the seeds the sunflower, which is largely widespread around the world. Each sunflower is an inflorescence, formed by a several flowers each containing more than 1.000 fruits.

The oil extracted from sunflowers seeds is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic and linoleic.

At Kinder we use a variety of sunflower oil, rich in oleic acid, which is very stable and does not interfere with the other ingredients’ aromas, and therefore is particularly suitable for our recipes and in guaranteeing the unique Kinder taste.

The products that use sunflower oil are Kinder Brioss, Kinder Colazione Più, Kinder Pan e Cioc, Kinder Bueno White, Kinder Joy and Kinder Happy Hippo.

Hydrogenated fats

Hydrogenated fats are produced at industrial scale using a chemical process called "hydrogenation". Unfortunately, this process can modify the structure of some fatty acids into "trans fats". Scientific literature has shown that this type of fat, once consumed, has the effect of raising levels of "bad cholesterol" in the blood.

This is the reason why at Kinder we are committed to eliminate partially hydrogenated fats in our products.

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